Practical Information

The quality of our services is confirmed by the high level of costumer satisfaction. An unequivocal evidence of this: most of the students get in contact with us by word of mouth, upon recommendation of a friend or a family member who has already benefited from our courses

Plazo de inscripcion

Enrolment period

Have you already decided to travel with us? Do not delay the paperwork! If you register soon, you will have more time to carry out every needed administrative formality (visa application, international medical insurance´s extension or acquisition, procedures with the social security institutions, departure´s announcement, etc). Furthermore, it will be easier for us to satisfy your personal preferences relating to accommodation since we will have the possibility of processing the corresponding reservations in advance.

¿Cómo inscribirme?

How to enrol?

Fill out the form and send it us through email, fax or deliver personally at any of our offices. You can also enrol through our website. Once we receive your registration, we will confirm you the course within a maximum period of seven (7) business days. This confirmation may describe the course you have been enrolled in detail, the chosen accommodation and the additional details about the trip. You will have to pay an amount within the next 10 days to formalize the reservation. * Finally, we will send you the final invoice between five (5) and six (6) weeks before your departure. The corresponding amount must have been paid in full, in EUR or its equivalent in foreign currency.



AGBTRIPS includes the trips but not transportation to the airport of departure. (Plane tickets will only be included for students whose home town is part of the EU.)



Depending on the country of destination and length of the stay, you must apply for a visa or not. We will handle all the paperwork required as well as its cost. You can study abroad up to 12 weeks having your tourist visa in the vast majority of countries (excluding United States, China, Russia, Egypt and India). For stays longer than 3 months, a student visa is usually required.



European residents can apply for the European Health Insurance Card, which provides coverage for stays up to 12 weeks within the European Union community. If your stay is longer or if you are planning to visit a place out of the EU, AGBTRIPS recommends to get a health insurance (medical expenses, health care and civil liability) through Intermundial.

Viajes de Última Hora

Last minute trips

Do you want to travel in the coming days? If circumstances allow (availability of places, accommodation, flights and visa application among others), we will do our best to arrange your trip as soon as possible.

Plazo de inscripcion

Arrival / Departure

If you need further information, we would be delighted to give you a hand.

Documentos de Viaje

Travel Documents

We will send you every single travel document you need to have before departure. This includes a travel guide, a detailed description of your accommodation, plane ticket (or e-ticket) and flight plan as well as some general information about classes, city and country of destination.