Stays for academic year in the main German speaking destinations

“With languages ​​you're at home anywhere. Edward De Waal”
English nowadays experiences a global diffusion and its pre-eminent position is indisputable. Occupying the third place worldwide in the number of native speakers and the first place as a second language, English reigns as a vehicular language in the world of business, culture, communication and the Internet.
English is a Germanic language closely related to Frisian, Dutch and Low German. In the fifth century, English followed the Anglo, Saxon and Jute invaders from the continent, imposing in the British Isles to give the English language the way we know it today.
The political power and waves of successive colonization of the British Empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, relieved by the political, military and economic influence of the United States from the late nineteenth century to today have made English the most important geolinguistic set of the world (by the number of speakers and their dispersion in the world). English is spoken by more than 400 million speakers worldwide, of which 200 million live in North America and 60 million in the British Isles. Mother tongue of 15 million people in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, English is the second language of millions of inhabitants of India and Japan.

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